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Basel (or Basle) is Switzerland's third most populous city (after Zurich and Geneva), bordering both Germany and France. With an urban community (which extends into France and Germany) of about 731,000 inhabitants, major trade shows like Art Basel (contemporary art show) and BaselWorld (watch and jewellery show), and the best transportation infrastructure in Switzerland, Basel is a good choice for photo productions.

Map of Basel Basel has Switzerland's only cargo port, connected to international freight lines through Rotterdam (both cities are crossed by the Rhine). Basel's international airport has separated French and Swiss sections, while its railway station is connected to both the French TGV and German ICE high-speed railway networks. Goods, production teams, photographic equipment and models can therefore be moved to and from Basel rapidly for photo productions. Basel Town Hall

Basel by night In 2008, Art Basel featured nearly 300 contemporary art galleries and more than 2'000 artists, with 60'000 visitors attending, while BaselWorld welcomed over 2,000 exhibitors specialized in watches, jewellery and precious gems, with over 100,000 retailers and wholesalers visiting the show. Basel Cathedral

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